Going green when it works for the wallet!

Rawcell is a research company that applies principles of engineering, math and other sciences to develop materials for the 21st century. Our ambitious goal is to do our part to achieve a Kardashev scale civilization of 0.77 in next thirty years  (7.7e+15 watts)  in a way that doesn’t destroy the ecosystem. The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring how advanced a civilization is based on the amount of energy it is able to use and control. The measure was proposed by Soviet astronomer, Nikolai Kardashev in 1964. Currently, the world is undergoing a transformation by humans through overconsumption of fossil fuels that scientists agree is putting us on a trajectory to alter the worlds ecosystem in a way that is not good for us. Our mission is to alter our energy path in a way that saves homeowners, renters, and businesses money by designing new and more advanced construction methods and materials. Our goal is to produce new products that solely and positively affect the customers bottom line while realizing the best outcomes for humanity.  The difficulty of these objectives are wide ranging and challenging to achieve but we believe that by working together with the community they are attainable.