Windows 8 on a Virtual Machine

How to use a Virtual Computer for Windows 8 Preview

Windows 8 Preview is available for download from Microsoft. It gives you a 120-day free trial. All you need to do is sign up for it and download it.


So what’s the best method of doing a Windows 8 Preview before you go and buy it and install over your Windows 7 install that is working perfectly well? Easy, this video gives you a free method of doing just that. All you need is a Virtual Computer!


Oracle provides such a free virtual computer. It’s called Virtual Box or v-box for short. Virtual Box is the piece of software that allows you to divide up your computer into a bunch of smaller computers. Your mini computers have memory, storage space, and processing power just like your real computer only smaller pieces, the size of which you determine when you divide up the computer.


Oracle VM VirtualBox is also known as  Sun VirtualBoxSun xVM and Innotek VirtualBoxIt works on the x86 hardware. It was originally created by a software company called Innotek GmbH which was purchased by Sun Microsystems in 2008. Sun Microsystems along with Innotek was bought by Oracle Corporation. Oracle VM VirtualBox is a class 2 hypervisor and needs a host operating system and is supported by an application. This hosting application allows one to install guest operating systems. Each of these guest OSes run in a separate segment of memory, storage, and CPU segment.


Hosts operating systems that this hosting operating system supports includes Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 8LinuxSolarisOpenSolarisMac OS X and FreeBSD.

On hardware that takes advantage of the WDDM driver which is installed with the guest tools, Windows 7 and Windows 8 allows Windows Aero to be enabled along with 3D graphics support.


Here is Oracle v-box.


There are other free and non-free virtual machines such as VMware Workstation and VMware Player. They perform the same general function of dividing up your computer into smaller computers but vary in the costs and features.


Windows 8 is one of the Microsoft Windows operating system releases from Microsoft home and business desktopshome theater PCs,  tablet PCs, and laptops.


Significant changes have been introduced to the Windows operating system design. The focus of the changes is aimed at improving the usage experience on mobile devices with touchscreens. Microsoft’s hope that it will allow it better compete with Google Android and Apple iOS. Its touch interface is built in the “Metro” design language. Starting windows 8 displays a new Start screen with a series of tiles displayed on the screen.


These tiles update dynamically according to what it is that you are doing with the applications installed on the computer. There is no longer a Start button which older users find difficult to use. Also, the new interface is a poor design for nontouch screen interfaces.

Windows 8 includes some newer tech including the super fast USB 3.0,  and the controversial secure boot, UEFI which allows digital signing of the operating system which is meant to prevent viruses, malware, boot sector viruses, spyware, etc. A side effect of this that makes it controversial is that it prevents alternate operating systems from being installed on the hardware.

Windows 8 adoption rates have been mainly confined to new systems and has only taken over a small portion of the marketplace.

Windows 8 Trial Download Link


We have created a Youtube video on how to use Oracle Virtual Box to Preview Windows 8. It goes into detail how to install Oracle Virtual Box and Windows 8. It has an excellent voice over and superior graphics along with a catchy tune to keep you alert when watching.