White House.gov We the People Petition 1.0 Draft

This is My First “We the People” Petition Draft

To study the efficacy of a plan to convert all existing coal plants to LFTR nuclear reactors.

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We Petition the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION to dedicate 10 million dollars to start a 6 month to 1-year end to end cost study of the efficacy of converting all existing USA coal fire plants to the Super Safe LFTR Nuclear Reactors. In accordance with my best calculation, the capital cost of such effort should be somewhere around 1.6 Trillion dollars. This would migrate 44% of the US energy consumption into an environmentally friendly form that drastically reduces our CO2 contribution to global warming through the implementation of a safe and cost conservative solution. 

This solution preserves as much as possible the existing investment in power infrastructure while achieving a goal that could save our planet.

This solution would buy us vastly increased the life expectancy of the plants once converted from coal and is different than other nuclear solutions in that it is impossible for them to have a melt-down, unlike the nuclear reactors that are currently in use.  

We understand that this solution is extremely safe and does not represent a 10,000-year storage problem since its radioactive decay occurs in less than 300 years and the process of producing power using this manner produces only 1% of the waste of conventional nuclear reactors and are considered by many to be “toothpaste safe”.

Do to the eight-year life expectancy of the converted reactors (50-year extension) we will save huge sums in power generation redeployments while drastically cutting CO2 emissions and saving on carbon taxes. This will also serve to boost the economy. 

Due to the life expectancy of the reactors, the 1.6 Trillion in investment could be amortized conservatively over 40 to 50 years.  We realize the urgent need for a solution on par with the cost of coal to avoid the worst of long-term effects on our coastal cities. This is a technology we can export to the rest of the world, and if we act now we can implement it before the runaway reaction of methane being released in the warming Artic, races past the greenhouse effect caused by our CO2 emissions.

We would like as part of this plan, a mandate to eliminate the easiest to remove 10% of energy consumption. This would effectively reroute the 63 billion dollars from the cost of this implementation into making us more energy efficient.

We would like the administration to make the whole process of the study, research of the study, and findings of the study to be made public. We would like this study to include all facets of the cost of implementing the solution including security, financing, and safety as well as long-term savings, gains, and the repercussions of implementing this solution. We would like the United States population at large to have an input to determine every possible facet, effect, cost, savings, employment losses and gains and prevention that would occur due to such an implementation.

 It should take no more than 6 months or a year to do this. We hope the “We the People” petition on this matter will get its due attention, and be taken seriously by the administration, government, scientific community, and the people of the United States at large and gain the inputs of all of the above categories of people before and during its implementation.

To see the math and further details, calculations, and calculation references please read more at RAWCELL.COM.