Social Media Authentication on “We the People”

We Petition the Obama administration to integrate Google+, Facebook, MySpace, and Linkedin “LIKES” into the “We the People” site so someone can use their authentication from these sites to sign the “We the People” Petitions. There are already many web plugins for doing this and it’s been integrated into thousands of websites (why not “We the People”?), this would not represent a great deal of difficulties for the websites builders and would make it easier to gather signatures from people interested in signing petitions.

Please sign the petition for the “Likes” it’s found “HERE” on the “We the People” government site.

This is just the beginning! Right now only you know this unique URL. Share it with others to get more signatures on this petition. Until your petition reaches 150 signatures, it will not be publicly viewable on the Open Petitions section of We the People, so be sure to share this URL:

Save and Share this URL:“likes”-authentication-“we-people”-site/DvShvKQ6

UPDATE to this Petition!

We submitted this petition to the “We the People” White House site on February 5th. The same morning, the White House released this

“As a result, Petitions 2.0 is based on an application programming interface, or API, that we will release to the public in the coming months. The first set of methods, Read API, will be released in March 2013 and will allow anyone to retrieve data on petitions, signatures, and responses. Later, we’ll release a second set of methods, Write API, that will allow other websites and apps to collect and submit signatures without directly sending users to”

Although I can’t say for sure, I think this means that someone at the White House is looking at these petitions BEFORE they reach their signature goals! That’s real good news for everyone! It also means that the Facebook “LIKES” capability is in the works and soon it will be easy as a couple clicks to add your signature to one of the petitions that are on my site or on the “We the People” White House site.

My guess is that this process will take no more than six months to complete! Thank you White House for listening!

In the meantime please take the time to sign one of our other petitions. We have reached the twenty-five signature mark for the petition on LFTR Nuclear Reactor technology, that leaves 150 signatures left to obtain a public display of this petition. It could very well change the world we live in! So please take the time to sign it! Thanks!  Click here to go to to sign the petition