Bitcoin Miners Threaten Strike over Fed Regulations

Dick Bit, President of IBUM (International Bitcoin Union of Miners) sent out the following message to members;

“We are willing to lay down tools in protest over various sovereign central banks interference and proposed regulations of our operations. In recent weeks, the Federal Reserve Bank has issued guidelines targeting our mining operations and way of life. Whilst we thank the Federal Reserve for recognizing us as a legitimate currency they must also recognize that we are a unique case working in often dangerous and hazardous conditions in a fledgling industry and we don’t have time for this regulatory stuff. Seriously.” Vice President of IBUM, ipwnyuall added; “Yeah, that’s right. Bitchez.”


Nervous Finance ministers in Europe held an emergency meeting in Brussels with the IMF today to discuss the situation. The French Finance minister looked frazzled but composed himself before addressing waiting reporters. His voice noticeably cracking he croaked ” I hope the IBUM workers return to work soon as we are tapped out and there is no one left to tax”.


The right Honorable Mr. Neville Franklins, LOL,  OBE, BBC, OMG, MCSE, FNA, PhD, Spokesman for the Nigerian Princes Union (NPU) who have 350,000 active members in every major capital in the world offered to cover the costs of the striking miners and added “We just need good bank account numbers, routing numbers and PayPal account information and we can send funds once they send us some money as we need to pay our trustees in order to release the funds”.