“Prompt”, the worlds best iPhone case ever!

This page is replicated from original kickstart site from 2014 kickstarter project attempt. It is replicated here for archive purposes, and is no longer a running project.


Introducing the “Prompt”

The “Prompt” is the world’s best car mountable case. It is the most useful phone case ever made. It is easy to set up and even easier to use.

NOW SUPPORTING iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C & Samsung Galaxy II, III, 4S

It was a project born out of frustration with all of the bad solutions on the market. We have tried and tested nearly everything on the market and none of them measured up.

With the “Prompt” there are no buttons, clamps or bean bags. No mechanisms to adjust. No magnets and no sticky pads that can hold bowling balls on TV but in real life can’t hold a phone for longer than 5 minutes. No vent clamps roasting your iPhone and forcing you to take your eyes off the road. It’s is simple and elegant.

Jan 2010 – Jan 2013


Scene One

Scene Two







Three Easy Steps that Make it Happen


Easy as in Your Pocket, or on the Dash/Windshield

Once you put the slim and protective “Prompt” case on your iPhone you can put it your pocket or mount it on your dash or windshield.

In one natural, smooth, and easy motion you can take it out of your pocket and mount the case and iPhone onto your dash or windshield. NO need to remove the iPhone from the case EVER!

The case goes on your phone and stays there.

The mount goes on the dash or windshield and stays in the car.

About this Simple and Elegant Design

We have tested multiple design iterations using 3D printing and SolidWorks modeling. After extensive design and redesign we are confident in our product!

We need your help to bring it to market.

The adapter shown in the picture above allows us to use standard, easily obtainable, and cost effective parts available on the market today in a way that allows us to pass the savings off to the contributors.

The “Prompt” has been Redesigned Several Times in Order to:

1. Optimize the design for easy insertion and removal from the dash/windshield mount

2. Provide the firmest hold of the phone

3. Maintain the highest plastic injection mold quality

4. Reduce the costs associated with creating the injection mold for producing up to 5,000 cases.

5. Reduce the cost associated with high number count yields of 50,000 or more cases.

To this end, we have two separate designs. The design we choose is dependent on whether we reach or exceed our funding goal.

Both Final Designs Choices Will:

1. Be made to the highest quality standards

2. Will use the top quality materials

3. Are functionally identical

Differences in the Designs

The designs vary in the manufacturing and assembly processes used. Each design is optimized for the final number we are able to produce.

For instance, one difference is that one design allows us to produce over 50,000 cases, while the other will allow us a maximum of 3,000 units to be made.

A major difference between the two is one is done with an aluminum mold while the other is done with a steel mold. This difference affects the life expectancy of the mold (not the final product. )

Aluminum molds have different cooling properties than steel which effects material shrinkage.

The two designs incorporate mold differences needed to have the same material consistency across the types of molds.

A Few Good Choices for the Contributor

A Little More About the Plastic Injection Mold

We know who will make the molds.  We have carefully designed the case to account for plastic shrinkage and to minimize pull marks.

The mold will have a high polished exterior and a finished look on the inside surfaces. This will allow us to provide a simply elegant, functional, and stylish product formed in a way that Steve Jobs would be proud of.

Who Will Be Doing What

We know who will manufacture, and supply the parts.

We will personally be quality controlling, packaging and sending the parts to save everyone money and to utilize our team’s skills in quality control.

Other Goals

If we hit our stretch goals we will cut our prices and refund a percentage of our profits (if it’s allowed on Kickstarter)


If we can hit our stretch goals we can afford full manufacture in the USA.

Voting will be conducted at http://madmacmods.com.

Hurdles to Overcome

We need to raise enough money to have the injection molds made.

Some fine tuning before full production runs will probably be necessary.

For instance, to minimize pull marks during the molding process, we have already added a one-degree slope to the part of the suction cup that inserts into the phone and has made the slots to match.

This positively affects the quality without affecting the aesthetics or function of the case.

There may be other minor optimizations necessary that will appear when the sample run is made.This requires a minimum of 1 month lead time.

After the molds are made they will be tested on a limited production run before production of large numbers.

We have figured into the costs of the molding process the fine tuning of the mold to accommodate simple changes like the one just mentioned.

At this juncture, we are fully satisfied with the results and have thoroughly tested the basic design for several months in real life situations so no more major changes are expected.

Setup and initial manufacturing are usually pretty quick as long as it’s been scheduled.

We are setting expectations low when we say we intend to deliver in January of 2014.

Every good engineer knows it’s better to surprise with early delivery than to disappoint with a broken promise.

Risks and challenges

The major hurdle with a project of this kind is raising enough funds to create the molds necessary to create the custom cases. We have the experience and contacts to see this through to delivery.

The mold will require some fine tuning before full production runs. This requires a minimum of 1 month lead time. After the molds are made they will be tested on a limited production run before shipping to our manufacturers. Setup and initial manufacturing is usually pretty quick as long as it’s been scheduled.